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The University of Southampton
Winchester School of Art

Programme Structure

What will you learn?

The structure of this MA Programme aims to provide the students with the opportunity to explore and advance knowledge relevant to the specialist concepts and techniques of their practice.
The programme is divided into four key parts:

Part 1: Design

This part aims to enable the students to position, develop and debate their ideas and work within a critical context in the area of design management. Through development of critical thinking and reflection of their own ideas, the students obtain experience and expertise in the following areas:

Part 2: Business and management concepts

This part aims to provide students with an overview of the contemporary business concepts and principles that employers are seeking. In particular, it aims to discuss the concept of innovation in relation to leadership, how it can be cultivated and managed within the context of design. Areas that are covered in this part include:

Part 3: Research skills

The Research Skills part aims to help students to improve their own research ideas and enable them to develop methods to put their ideas into practice. This part provides students with the opportunity to gain in-depth understanding of core methods and approaches within a professional context appropriate for their pathway through a balanced blend of theory and practice that lead to the following:

Part 4: Final project

This part takes place in the 3rd semester and requires mainly independent study, although an average of 10 contact hours for guidance is provided as well. In this part, the students are able to choose their own research interest, develop their own ideas and implement them on a specific area of their choice. The student is expected to:

The Final project is assessed in the following methods:

Select one (subject to supervision approval) of the following, either:





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