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No Man's Sky - Adam Procter on BBC 5live

Published: 30 August 2016
No Man's Sky image

WSA's Programme Leader for the BA Games Design and Art degree, Adam Procter, has once again appeared on BBC 5live's 'Game On' programme, this time to talk about the new, high-profile game release, No Man's Sky.

The game was released earlier in August to great acclaim. It is being cited as a 'game changer' because of the sheer size of the playing area. It features the possibility to visit many millions of planets, a feat of creation made possible by coding a game which uses rules provided by the designers to essentially build itself. 

Before it's release, Adam published an article which explore the possibilities of the game in depth, and that can be read online on his blog

Adam was invited onto the BBC radio programme to discuss whether the reality of the game has proved to be as good as the initial hype, amid some less-than-stellar gamer reviews. 

The podcast for the show can be listened to at

more information about the BA Games Design and Art can be found here,

and the original trailer for No Man's Sky can be viewed below. 


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