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The University of Southampton
Winchester School of Art

WSA at Sino-British International Summit on the Cultural and Creative Industries in Nanjing, China

Published: 15 May 2017
Staff at the event
From right: Yuanyuan Yin, Joanne Roberts, John Armitage, Daniel Ashton.

On 29th – 30th April 2017 Professors John Armitage and Joanne Roberts, together with Drs Daniel Ashton and Yuanyuan Yin, all research active staff at Winchester School of Art, were invited keynote speakers at the 2017 Sino-British International Summit on the Cultural and Creative Industries, held in Nanjing, China.

The Summit was organized by the National Culture Industry Research Center of Culture Ministry – Nanjing University, the School of Arts, Southeast University, Nanjing, and WSA, University of Southampton, in the context of their ongoing collaborative projects, for which Professors Armitage and Roberts, alongside Drs Ashton and Yin are key participants.

The keynotes from members of WSA covered their ongoing research on visual culture and the luxury industries, urban regeneration, and branding; focusing specifically on luxury brands, London, and questions of sustainability. Together they addressed some of the challenges involved with the theorization of visual culture and the practical implementation and uses of such theories, especially with respect to creative, artistic, innovative, industrial, manufacturing, and trade issues such as digital business models and ways of working. The four keynotes concluded with follow-up discussions concerning the opportunities for further international collaborations between WSA and the National Culture Industry Research Center – Nanjing University led by Professor Jiang Gu. The WSA keynotes were very well received by both organizers and audience, not only leading to lively debates that set the tone for the rest of the summit but also to the publication of the keynote papers in Mandarin in the journal Cultural Industry Research later in 2017.

As reported on the Nanjing News, several other topics were addressed at the summit, including the structural reform of China’s cultural and creative industries and its local eco-systems, as well as questions involving video games, economic development, the environment, and emergent spaces of contemporary culture worldwide. After this successful 2017 meeting, the Sino-British International Summit on the Cultural and Creative Industries is set to become a regular event.

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