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Winchester School of ArtPostgraduate study


We've invested over £5m in our extensive facilities, which we are continuously developing.

A range of resources - computing, photography, digital printing and time-based media - are available school-wide and complement the facilities within each programme's studio space, including:

Mac/PC Suites

Our high-spec machines have the latest industry standard software and allow you to easily work across disciplines, from video editing to 3D modelling, or design for both print and digital. Software includes  the complete Adobe Suite, Maxon Cinema 4D Studio, AutoDesk Maya, Apple Logic Pro, Unity, Zbrush, Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 
and DragonFrame.

Photography Suite

We have two professionally equipped photo studios for producing still 
images, a copy studio for producing high quality images of 2D work, up to 
1.5mx1m, in addition to a large editing suite with high-end Macs and relevant photo-editing software. Both the photo studios and copy studio  are available for booking by students on all programmes, once inducted.

Video Studio

Our dedicated video studio is equipped with Arri Bi-Colour Skypanels and an Arri 650plus for tungsten Fresnel lighting. Available for booking  by all students once inducted, the video studio allows professional video production, supported by our specialist video technicians. Fashion students might choose to produce a catwalk style video, fine artists a video installation piece or games designers a green-screen video to support their work.

Media Stores

This service provides equipment loans to students at WSA, in addition 
to support and technical guidance; our media stores technician will 
help you find and use the best equipment for your studies. The stores 
hold a range of DSLRs, digital cameras, digital video cameras, film cameras, lenses for Nikons, Canons, Phase One Lenses and Cine Lenses,  flash equipment, light meters, tripods, TVs and displays, projects and media storage/playback equipment.

Creative Services Centre

The CSC allows students from all programmes to submit artwork, via an online system, to be printed or treated using our specialist printers and equipment. The CSC houses large format printers, a flat-bed printer, laser cutter, 3D printer and scanner, t-shirt printer, Mimaki fabric printer and dry mounting. The CSC is supported by specialist technicians who are on hand to provide expert advice and guidance and enable you to produce professionally finished work.

Fashion Workshops

Fashion Designers have a range of industrial sewing machines, multi-thread overlockers for woven and knitted fabrics, professional dress stands for menswear and womenswear, in addition to fusible presses and vacuum presses. Knitwear students may use our computerised Shima Seiki knitting machines, across three gauges, in addition to a range of Dubied knitting machines, linkers and manual knitting machines. 
We have dedicated print studios for Printed Textiles students, which facilitate a range of processes and techniques used in printing for fashion and interiors. There is also a Mimaki digital printer, heat-transfer  printer and large hand screenprinting tables, with adjoining screen exposing rooms and a dedicated dye lab. Woven Textile students have access to a Jacquard loom, a variety of computerised AVL dobby looms 
and manual table looms.

Fine Art Workshops

Fine Artists may use printmaking studios which include industry standard screenprinting beds and equipment, an Alexandra relief press for Lino and woodcut prints, Adana hobby letterpress printing machines and etching presses. The sculpture workshops include a working bronze foundry with ceramic kilns, a metal and plastic fabrication shop, in addition to digital object production supported by two 3D printers and a 3D scanner. 

Specialist Library

Many contemporary artists, designers, and writers use libraries as part of their working practice and creative process. Our approach at Winchester School of Art Library is to help you develop the skills you need to make the most of our collections, and to enhance your academic, creative, and professional practice through the extensive range of resources we can offer. As a specialist art and design library, we are integral to everything that you do at Winchester School of Art and we look forward to working with you on your programme.

Large scale printers
Large scale printers

Studios and Equipment

Fashion and Textile Design students benefit from dedicated studios fully equipped with a wide range of industry-standard machinery and accessories. For fashion design, this includes an extensive range of industrial sewing machines, multi-thread overlockers for woven and knitted fabrics, professional dress stands for menswear and womenswear, as well as a fusible press and vacuum presses.

Our knitwear students have access to a range of sophisticated knitting equipment including brand-new, computerised Shima Seiki knitting machines across three gauges, as well as a variety of single and doublebed Dubied knitting machines, linkers and manual knitting machines.

Students working in printed textiles have access to a variety of dedicated print studios and computer suites to facilitate the range of processes and techniques used in printing for fashion and interiors. This includes our Mimaki digital printer, as well as access to heat-transfer printing and large hand screenprinting tables with adjoining screen exposing rooms and dye labs.

Our woven textiles studios are supported by a state-of-the-art jacquard loom, a variety of computerised AVL dobby looms, and manual table looms, to support a choice of weaving techniques and finishes.

Extensive range of sewing machines
Extensive range of sewing machines

Individual Workareas

Fine Art students have their own studio space from part 1 onwards, and have access to printmaking studios, sculpture workshop with foundry and kilns, sculpture yard and time-based media workshop.

Graphic Arts students have their own workspace within a flexible, mixed-specialism base studio, fully equipped with wi-fi, Macintosh work stations, and meeting and production areas.

Find out more and see our facilities on one of our Open Afternoons.

WSA's Library
WSA's Library
Design Management Centre
Design Management Centre
The fashion studio
The fashion studio
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