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Winchester School of Art

Mr Ian Dawson 

Lecturer, Fine Art - Sculpture

Mr Ian Dawson's photo
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Mr Ian Dawson is Lecturer, Fine Art - Sculpture within Winchester School of Art at the University of Southampton.

Ian has exhibited his work in solo exhibitions in New York, London, Paris and Berlin, including a recent commission for the Goss Michael Foundation, Texas. His interests lie in contemporary sculpture and collage. He is currently enjoying creating material-based workshops for the House of Fairy Tales, an anarchic travelling arts organisation.

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Book Chapters

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Creative Media and Artefacts

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  • Dawson, I. (Artist), & Minkin, L. (Artist). (2017). Pictures Not Homes. Exhibition, University of Southampton.
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  • Dawson, I. (Artist), & Minkin, L. (Artist). (2015). Taplow House. Exhibition
  • Dawson, I. (Artist), & Minkin, L. (Artist). (2015). Taplow House 3D Prints. Artefact
  • Dawson, I. (Author), Dawson, I. (Other), Dawson, I. (Curator), Turk, G. (Artist), Atkin, K. (Artist), Gall, N. (Artist), De Monchaux, C. (Artist), & Hawtin, C. (Artist). (Accepted/In press). The Wanderer's Nightsong II. Exhibition
  • Dawson, I. (Artist). (Accepted/In press). Miru Miru Mega Yokunaru. Artefact
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  • Dawson, I. (Author). (Accepted/In press). The immortals. Artefact
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  • Dawson, I. (Artist). (2003). Free Fliers. Artefact
  • Dawson, I. (Artist). (2003). Tilt Trucks. Artefact
  • Dawson, I. (Artist). (Accepted/In press). Artefact
  • Dawson, I. (Artist). (2002). 1365. Artefact
Mr Ian Dawson
Winchester School of Art University of Southampton Park Avenue Winchester Hampshire SO23 8DL

Room Number : 63A/1031

Mr Ian Dawson's personal home page
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