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Short Course – Printmaking and Bookbinding

During this course we will learn and develop a variety of printmaking and bookbinding techniques; not only providing a relaxing learning  environment, but also giving students the tools and confidence to develop a continuing creative practice of their own once the course is complete.

Each session will feature a theoretical and practical element, allowing students to gain understanding of the making process but also the artists, methods, and history that made printmaking what it is today, giving context to their own works. Beginning with a short presentation, examples and a demonstration, students will gain in-depth knowledge of the method before moving on to guided learning and development of their own artistic practice. At all times students will be supported by Georgia, the artist leading the workshop, ensuring full understanding of the process and safety throughout.

Some of the methods covered will include lino printing, cyanotype, mono printing, and exploration and development of artists books. Students will come away with a working knowledge of printmaking, together with a sketchbook they will make and fill over the weeks. The sessions will culminate in making an artist's book.


This course is held on Thursdays from 6.30 to 8.30pm. There will be no session on 31st October during half term week.

Week 1 – Bookbinding

Theory 1: learn the history, and some different examples of bookbinding (Coptic, Japanese stab, perfect etc). Learn technical language
Practical 1: construction of simple saddle-bound sketchbook – for plans and notes throughout the course 
Practical 2: compiling a stab-bound sketchbook, with ornamental spine

Week 2 – Cyanotyping

Theory 1: discover the history of cyanotypes, and how the pigments are used today
Practical 1: mixing and prepping some paper/fabric with cyanotype sensitizer to  experiment with at home 
Practical 2: laying out and creating some cyanotypes on pre-sensitized papers

Week 3 – Ecoprinting

Theory 1: explore different ecoprinting techniques, and purposes 
Demo 1: demonstration of safe ecoprinting 
Practical 1: produce 3-5 ecoprints
Practical 2: rework into an ecoprint, with embroidery/watercolour/fineliners

Week 4 – Monotypes

Theory 1: learn about the different types of monotyping (illustrative, painterly, resist/stencil)
Theory 2: learn simple printmaking techniques such as mixing and rolling inks, skills to be used throughout the process
Demo 1: demo from Georgia of different techniques 
Practical 1: try out illustrative type monotyping
Practical 2: try out painterly type monotyping 
Practical 3: try out resist/stencil type monotyping

Week 5 – Lino Carving

Theory 1: explore the history of lino and wood reduction printing, and look at Georgia's Gathered collection of pieces
Demo 1: carving safely
Practical 1: carve small scrap piece of lino to develop mark making technique and tool use
Practical 2: carve small circle piece, to develop more precise and pictoral technique
Practical 3: begin to carve larger printing block (A5)

Week 6 – Lino Printing

Demo 1: printing blocks properly using Georgia's handbag press, barren printing, and wooden spoon method 
Practical 1: complete larger lino carvings from previous week
Practical 2: print carvings using different printing methods, with single, jigsaw, and Gradient colour techniques

Week 7 – Drypoint Etching

Theory 1: history of intaglio printing, and exploring intaglio methods such as etching/Sugarlift/aquatint etc. 
Demo 1: carving a drypoint plate
Demo 2: printing a drypoint plate
Practical 1: carving plate
Practical 2: printing plate

Week 8 – Callographs

Theory 1: exploring different collagraph techniques with/without varnish, and Intaglio/relief inking 
Demo 1: printing a collograph plate using the clingfilm method (without varnish)
Practical 1: composing and securing the collagraph plate
Practical 2: inking up and printing the collagraph plate using relief method, and Intaglio method

Week 9 – Assembling artists books

Theory 1: looking into history of and famous examples of artist's books
Practical 1: building imposition plans for own artist's books, considering placement, and construction 
Practical 2: ordering and prepping pages of books for binding the following week, and developing any additional pages/reworking into artwork

Week 10 – Binding Artists Books

Theory 1: review of all possible binding methods for artist's book binding
Demo 1: any new or additional binding methods, though sheets will be provided as reminders/prompts

The Printmaking and Bookbinding short course is booked via the University of Southampton online store. You will be required to complete some basic information about the attendee when completing your booking. Please note, we may also ask you to complete some additional forms before the club commences, including but not limited to: medical details, pickup/drop off details for younger persons and photography permission forms. The Printmaking and Bookbinding fee is £275 and includes all of the materials you will need for the club. The fee is paid directly via the online store.

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