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Samantha Kanza, graduated 2018

Samantha works as a Research Fellow Network+ Coordinator of the Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Intelligence for Automated Investigations for Scientific Discovery Network (AI3SD) - an EPSRC-funded network that brings together researchers to show how cutting-edge artificial and augmented intelligence technologies can be used to push the boundaries of scientific discovery.

She is also part of a team of early career researchers from Chemistry and Computer Science at Southampton Talk2Lab - that are using automated echo technology to make laboratories more efficient and safe for staff and students. Talk2Lab, led by Chemistry's Professor Jeremy Frey, incorporated Amazon's Alexa smart technology, allowing it to access critical information about the lab and its equipment and freeing up scientists to carry out impactful research.

Her PhD topic was investigating how to bring the modern power of the web to chemical research, with a specific focus on semantic electronic lab notebooks.

She said: I had an amazing time doing my Web Science PhD as I had the privilege of working with some amazing people. It really showed me the value of interdisciplinary projects and taught me how to appreciate the skills and approaches of disciplines outside my own. I knew I wanted to find a discipline to apply my technical skills to, and I’ve found that I really enjoy applying modern technologies to the scientific domain. I've been lucky enough to get a job and be involved in research projects that do exactly that.

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