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Social Networks

Nada Al Bunni, current student

Nada's PhD research expanded on her strong interest in studying the role the Web and social media is playing in the contemporary conflict in the Middle East. She was already active in promoting the use of technology in the Syrian communities, particularly in addressing the difficulties ambitious women face in Syria, and was also a founding member of Wikilogia – a collaborative community of Syrian engineering students that aims to proactively empower undergraduate students with technical and practical skills that increase their employment opportunities inside and outside Syria, as well as their ability to start their own businesses.

She said: As online social networks have allowed individuals the facility to organise collective action, and to transmit information from the local to the international level, it was anticipated that new voices, such as women's voices, would be able to debate their own political identities and strategies through online social networks such as Facebook. My PhD research explores how the digitisation of the public sphere has the power to enable political change in any non-democratic country by enabling new voices. It addresses the potential role of the new media in shaping politics and opening up a new public sphere, especially in societies where a real public sphere is absent.

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