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The University of Southampton
Web Science Institute

Expected Backgrounds

We are looking for a diverse multidisciplinary cohort that can understand the Web from many perspectives. Our most recent students have obtained the following range of degrees:

Archaeological Sciences (MSc)

Archaeology (MSc)

Archaeology (BSc)

Bio Chemistry (MSc)

Computer Science (BSc)

Computer Security (MSc)

Criminal Justice (MA)

Economics (MSc)

Education (PGC)

Engineering Management (MSc)             

Environmental Studies (BA)

Geography (BSc)

Global Politics (MSc)      

History of Art (BA)

Interactive Media (MSc)

International Relations (BA)

IT in Organisations (BSc)

Law (BA)

MA TESOL          

Management (BSc)        


Museum Studies (MSc)

Natural Sciences/Physics (BSc/MSc)

Philosophy & Art History (BA)

Philosophy (BA)

Photography (BA)

Psychology (MSc)

Social Sciences (MSc)

Sociology (BSc) 

Sociology (MSc)

Software Engineering (MSc)

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