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Our Staff

Faculty of Business, Law and Art

NameAcademic UnitTeaching Staff/Supervisor
David BaxterSouthampton Business School Supervisor
Lisa HarrisSouthampton Business School Teaching Staff/Supervisor
Johnnie JohnsonSouthampton Business School Supervisor
Michelle LoweSouthampton Business School Supervisor
Tiejun MaSouthampton Business School Supervisor
Ming-Chien SungSouthampton Business School  Supervisor 
Frank MCGroartySouthampton Business School Supervisor
Vadim GrinevichSouthampton Law School Supervisor
Michael O'FloinnSouthampton Law School Supervisor
Eleonora RosatiSouthampton Law School Supervisor
Sophie Stalla-BourdillonSouthampton Law School Supervisor
Remigius NwabeuezeSouthampton Law School Supervisor
Yuanyuan YinSouthampton Law School Supervisor

Faculty of Humanities

NameAcademic UnitTeaching Staff/Supervisor
Graeme EarlArchaeology Supervisor
Yvonne MarshallArchaeology Supervisor
Anne CurryHistory Supervisor
Julie WatsonModern Languages Supervisor
Mary OrrModern Languages Supervisor
David BrethertonMusic Supervisor

Faculty of Health Sciences

NameAcademic UnitTeaching Staff/Supervisor
Richard GiordanoHealth Sciences Supervisor
Catherine PopeHealth Sciences Supervisor
Mary GobbiHealth SciencesSupervisor

Faculty of Medicine

NameAcademic UnitTeaching Staff/Supervisor
Anneke LucassenMedical EducationSupervisor
Angela FenwickMedical EducationSupervisor
Jeremy WyattWessex InstituteSupervisor


Faculty of Natural and Environmental Sciences

NameAcademic UnitTeaching Staff/Academic
Gail TaylorBiological SciencesSupervisor

Faculty of Physical Sciences and Engineering

NameAcademic UnitTeaching Staff/Supervisor
Leslie CarrElectronics and Computer Science Teaching Staff/Supervisor
Hugh DavisElectronics and Computer Science Teaching Staff/Supervisor
Jeremy FreyElectronics and Computer Science Supervisor
Nicholas GibbinsElectronics and Computer ScienceTeaching Staff/Supervisor
Wendy HallElectronics and Computer Science Supervisor
Kirk MartinezElectronics and Computer Science Supervisor
Dave MillardElectronics and Computer Science Teaching Staff/Supervisor
Kieron O'HaraElectronics and Computer Science Teaching Staff/Supervisor
Vladimiro SassoneElectronics and Computer Science Supervisor
Adam Prugel-BennettElectronics and Computer ScienceSupervisor
Elena SimperlElectronics and Computer Science Supervisor
Thanassis TiropanisElectronics and Computer Science Teaching Staff/Supervisor
Mike WaldElectronics and Computer Science Supervisor
Mark WealElectronics and Computer ScienceTeaching Staff/Supervisor 
Su WhiteElectronics and Computer Science Teaching Staff/Supervisor
Gary WillsElectronics and Computer Science Supervisor
Richard WatsonElectronics and Computer ScienceSupervisor
Enrico GerdingElectronics and Computer Science Supervisor
Sarah FieldingElectronics and Computer Science Supervisor

Faculty of Social, Human and Mathematical Sciences

NameAcademic UnitTeaching Staff/Supervisor
Brian HracsGeography and the Environment Supervisor 
Thomas KemenyGeography and the Environment Supervisor 
David MartinGeography and the Environment Supervisor 
Richard TrevesGeography and the Environment Supervisor 
James AndersonMathematical Sciences Supervisor 
Ruben Sanchez-GarciaMathematical Sciences Supervisor 
Denis DrieghePsychology Supervisor 
Leanne MorrisonPsychology Supervisor 
Lucy YardleyPsychologySupervisor
Erich GrafPsychology Supervisor 
Jane PrichardPsychology Supervisor 
Ed RedheadPsychology Supervisor 
Spryros GalanisSocial Sciences Supervisor 
Jennifer HollandSocial Sciences Supervisor 
Pauline LeonardSocial Sciences Supervisor 
Susan HalfordSocial SciencesTeaching Staff/Supervisor 
Will JenningsSocial Sciences Supervisor 
Traute MeyerSocial Sciences Supervisor 
Gethin ReesSocial Sciences Supervisor 
Jeff VassSocial Sciences Supervisor 
Justin MurphySocial Sciences Supervisor 
Silke RothSocial Sciences Supervisor 
Bindi ShahSocial Sciences Supervisor 
Gerry StokerSocial Sciences Supervisor 
Craig WebberSocial Sciences Supervisor 
Peter SmithSocial Sciences Supervisor 
Charlie WalkerSocial Sciences Supervisor 
Christian BokhoveSouthampton Education School Supervisor 
Julie-Ann EdwardsSouthampton Education School Supervisor 
John SchulzSouthampton Education School Supervisor 
John WoollardSouthampton Education School Supervisor 

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