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The University of Southampton
Web Science Institute

Web Science Undergraduate Programme

BSc Web Science

Between 2013 and 2019 the University of Southampton ran an innovative, highly interdisciplinary BSc Web Science programme designed and taught by web scientists from across the social and computational sciences.

With pathways in both Computer Science and Social Sciences, the programme offered undergraduate students the opportunity to study Web Science as an interdisciplinary subject. Individual pathways offered the theoretical and methodological expertise for specialisation in the different aspects of understanding and analysis of the Web.

Students on both pathways took a shared core curriculum, enabling development of the knowledge and skills required to develop critical understanding of the Web, its history and current trajectories of development, as well as taking additional core modules in pathway specific areas, with optional choices across anthropology, demography, economics, humanities, geography and law.

You can find out more about some of our Alumni below.

Thomas Davidson

I completed my Web Science BSc in 2015, and now work as a technology consultant in IBM's digital division. The course equipped me with the technical skills and knowledge to work in a variety of sectors.

Luke Gibbins

Studying Web Science gave me the knowledge to understand how society has adapted to and evolved web technologies through multiple perspectives.

Adam Rann

The interdisciplinary nature of Web Science BSc has provided a rich and varied learning experience, needed to begin to understand such complex phenomena, such as the Web.

Thomas Rowledge

BSc Web Science allowed me to develop an interest in and knowledge of the applications of major technology within society and the impact they can have.

Interdisciplinary learning gave me the valuable skills to identifying and analysing how the web has led to instrumental shifts in multiple areas of society and how connected and important the web has become in the social sciences.

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