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The University of Southampton
Web Science Institute

Connected Southampton Project

The Web Science Institute is collaborating with Southampton Connect to explore, co-design, pilot and develop the practical tools needed to accelerate the adoption of emerging technologies to serve communities and enable service providers to do more with less. These will be piloted at the city and national levels and shared widely, as part of a scheme called Connected Southampton.

Emerging technologies and social trends are driving innovation that is producing both social and technical effects. Tracking and responding to these developments are significant challenges to service providers, who need to meet several challenges. They have to ensure that services are delivered effectively and efficiently, to manage transitions, and to adapt governance and policymaking processes to the new environment. The goals are to enhance transparency, accountability and value for money alongside improvements in the quality of life of the people of Southampton. WSI applies the world-leading cross-disciplinary research of the University of Southampton, in technology and social science, to support the experience and expertise of the partners in Southampton Connect.

Artificial Intelligence, data science, the Internet of Things and Distributed Ledgers all bring enormous opportunity, but require effective management and integration into the day-to-day operations of service providers in the city. The WSI will work with Southampton Connect to ensure that the technologies will truly deliver a Connected Southampton.

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