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WSI Distinguished Lecture with JP Rangaswami

Published: 2 November 2015
JP Rangaswami

The Web Science Institute was delighted to host a Distinguished Lecture with JP Rangaswami of Deutsche Bank at the University of Southampton on Monday 12 October 2015.

The newly appointed Adjunct Professor of Web Science at the University of Southampton, underlined the significance of the discipline in a Distinguished Lecture held at the University this month, and explained why he had wanted to be involved from the beginning.

‘There are some problems that we are not good at solving,’ he said, ‘such as climate change, energy, water, nutrition, health, disease control – issues which are multicultural, require negotiation, and involve large amounts of emotion and polarization. These problems can’t be solved by our existing tools and disciplines. They need a new multidisciplinary approach.’

In a wide-ranging lecture, Professor Rangaswami, talked about connectedness, data, representation, security, and identity, drawing connections between his own experience and the kind of questions that Web Science is able to ask.

‘We need multi-disciplinary, multi-jurisdictional views,’ he said, ‘drawn from collaboration, and working together across disciplines.’ Calling for connectivity to increase collaborative behaviour, Professor Rangaswami said that if he were asked the one reason that the Web exists, he would choose collaboration. ‘Web Science must be about the ability to collaborate at a meta-layer,’ he said, ‘beyond disciplines, rather than to augment and increase the science in a single discipline.

Interview by Joyce Lewis, Senior Fellow, Partnerships & Business Development.


His talk entitled 'Mother's Home Cooking' can be viewed via the Video link below.





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