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The University of Southampton
Web Science Institute

Keynote:- Wendy Hall - Observing the Web Event

Professor Dame Wendy Hall
09:15 - 10:15
21 July 2014
Highfield Campus, Building 67/1027

For more information regarding this event, please telephone Claire Wyatt on 02380 592738 or email .

Event details

As part of this year’s Web Science Summer School hosted by the Centre for Doctoral Training and the Web Science Institute, we are providing a series of keynote talks starting Monday 21st July through to Friday 25th July and we are opening up the keynote talks to you all.

It is ten years since the concept of Web Science was conceived against a backdrop of a dramatically evolving Web. At the time social networks were in their infancy and linked data was only talked about in the research labs. Today as we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the birth of the Web and we become increasingly aware of the pressures on it going forwards, I see Web Science as more significant to the evolution of the Web than ever. It is so important we can present real evidence to the major stakeholders in the development of the Web to demonstrate the likely consequences of decisions they might take. It is my hypothesis that we cannot achieve this without establishing an international project to observe what is happening on the Web and to set this in the wider social context and what has happened before. This means developing mechanisms to share data and data analytics across different projects and cultures over time – including the creation of “safe harbours” in which private and public data can be integrated with out compromising privacy, confidentiality, or data security issues. This thinking has led to the establishment of the Web Observatory project, the latest incarnation of which will be presented in this talk. There are many such observatories in existence. The grand challenge is to create a distributed framework to facilitate the virtual integration of the data that resides in the various repositories and the sharing of data analysis tools as well as the results of the research that such international collaboration will engender.

Speaker information

Professor Dame Wendy Hall,Southampton University ,Wendy Hall, DBE, FRS, FREng is Professor of Computer Science at the University of Southampton, UK, and is Dean of the Faculty of Physical Science and Engineering. She was Head of the School of Electronics and Computer Science (ECS) from 2002 to 2007. One of the first computer scientists to undertake serious research in multimedia and hypermedia, she has been at its forefront ever since. The influence of her work has been significant in many areas including digital libraries, the development of the Semantic Web, and the emerging research discipline of Web Science. Her current research includes applications of the Semantic Web and exploring the interface between the life sciences and the physical sciences. She is Managing Director of the Web Science Trust.

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