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The University of Southampton
Web Science Institute

WSI Lunch: Data Literacy - Extracting Information from Data Event

Web Science Institute
12:00 - 14:00
23 January 2017
University of Southampton Building 85, Room 2207 Highfield Campus Southampton SO17 1BJ

For more information regarding this event, please email Dr Lisa Harris at .

Event details

For data to be useful people must be able to extract information from it. The ability to do this is rapidly becoming a requirement to participate in modern life – as fundamental as the ability to use a telephone or money. Those who do not have this ability are in an important sense disadvantaged. Most people still rely on a small number of intermediaries such as specialist applications, data journalists, pressure groups and political parties to select and interpret data on their behalf. As a result, there is a growing focus on the user and what they require to be able to take advantage of data. This ability is increasingly identified as data literacy. This event will discuss the approaches to data literacy presented in the Journal of Community Informatics Special Issue on Data Literacy, edited by Mark Frank (Southampton), Johanna Walker (Southampton), Judie Attard (Bonn) and Alan Tygel (Rio de Janeiro) and will highlight some key trends in research and practice globally.

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