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Nora Alrajebah PhD Project

Investigating Information Diffusion Mechanism in Social Networks

Investigating Information Diffusion Mechanism in Social Networks
Nora Alrajebah PhD Poster

"Over the years, there has been a significant interest in studying social interactions among society members. Among these interactions, one attracts researchers’ attention; that is disseminating information and adopting new behaviours and ideas. Observing and analysing such interaction played a major role for many disciplines, such as marketing and sociology. This class of research is known as information diffusion, which means studying the way information is spread within social contexts. This research aims at investigating how information diffusion differs within various contexts such as different topics, communities and media forms. In addition to contexts, a thorough analysis of the functionalities provided by the online social network platforms is crucial in order to understand why a diffusion event occurs in the first place."

Nora Alrajebah



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