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The University of Southampton
Web Science Institute

Digitally Connected Citizens

We are experiencing an unprecedented development in connectivity between people, and between people and machines. WSI members are exploring this fundamental shift, including how to treat the Web as an engine to create social machines (entities governed both by rules of computational and social processes) that offer a mechanism to innovate valuable services at large scale.

We are also trying to understand the place of the web in innovation and strategy in organisations and society and on innovation as a driver for new businesses, business models and markets, new ways of organising and new ways of creating value around digital media, digital economy, social media, and supply chain.

Novel smart devices, data management and innovative web services are often proposed as the solution to new financial and efficiency demands across a range of workplaces. WSI members are exploring these issues. Similarly, our study of cybercrime and computer-mediated deviant activity helps to mitigate and manage the undesirable side-effects of the Web.

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Only by understanding the Web will we be in a position to positively impact on its continued evolution.

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