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UBhave: ubiquitous and social computing for positive behaviour change

The UBhave project seeks to investigate the power and challenges of using mobile phones and social networking for Digital Behaviour Change Interventions (DBCIs), and to contribute to creating a scientific foundation for digitally supported behaviour change.

The Listening Initiative 

Smart devices are embedded within society and our individual lives on a daily basis. We rely on them for so much, but their presence can have a detrimental effect on our health. For example, the World Health Organisation estimates that 1.1 billion people worldwide are at risk of hearing loss caused by personal audio devices and entertainment.

The link between personal listening habits and the development of hearing loss and tinnitus is poorly understood. Southampton researchers have developed a new app that measures the ways in which people listen to music through their smartphone devices, how they interact with music apps and the duration and intensity of music listening, to explore listening habits and its relationship to hearing problems.

Participants are asked to download the app for four weeks and answer a questionnaire. The app anonymously tracks music information and volume on a pre-agreed list of apps, and keeps track of when people are listening to audio on their smartphones and how they adjust the devices volume..

The information allows our teams to analyse behaviour patterns and their link to hearing-related conditions in order develop novel interventions to help mitigate against hearing loss.

Personalised long-term follow-up of cochlear implant patients using remote care

A Health Foundation funded project to design, implement and evaluate a person-centred long-term follow-up pathway for cochlear implant users offering a triple approach of remote and self-monitoring, self-adjustment of devices and a personalised online or smartphone intervention package (LifeGuide) for testing their own hearing at home, information, self-rehabilitation, advice, equipment training and troubleshooting. This programme is now being rolled out to Cochlear Implant Centres across the country.

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