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The University of Southampton
Web Science Institute

Digital Identities

We are intrigued by the changing nature of online identity. For example, innovative approaches based on soft biometrics offer cyber- and real-world mechanisms to develop a complete, robust and dynamic picture of digital identity.

Digital marketing addresses the reinvention of digital individuals and business organisations - providing strategies for individuals develop their digital personae (building their profiles and managing their networks) and mechanisms to handle digital commerciality, the exploitation of data about the behaviour of digital individuals and of competitor digital businesses. Our members focused on cybersecurity provide techniques to safeguard the personal data and the personal interests of users. Understanding Digital Identity can be achieved most profoundly by placing it in its broader humanistic context in order to understand the shifts that the Web has caused in our sense of self, informed by history, material culture, culture, philosophy and language studies.

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Only by understanding the Web will we be in a position to positively impact on its continued evolution.

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