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The University of Southampton
Web Science Institute

From Data to Knowledge

The Web Science Institute is focused on capturing data and translating it into knowledge. For example, we are constructing an instrumentation infrastructure that facilitates capturing, storing, managing, analysing and visualising large-scale, complex and diverse data from multiple sources - a ‘Web Observatory'.

The development of intelligent, interactive, real-time systems for analysing Web data requires our specialist mathematical tools to enable the handling and interpreting of vast amounts of data. The use of such large scale digitized data sets capturing social, commercial and transactional activity is both promising for research and challenging from methodological and ethical perspectives, questions addressed through social science practice.

Concerns around data provenance, security, trust and accountability are addressed by provenance methods, researched at Southampton and led through the W3C's working group. In addition to scientific observation and analysis, our members have played a significant role in stimulating the policy change and nurturing the professional practices required to unlock hugely valuable reserves of public information via Open Data.

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Key facts

Our Web Observatory was created as a global data resource and open analytics environment to nurture Web Science research

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