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The University of Southampton
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The MOOC Observatory Dashboard (A WSI Pump-priming project): Final Report


The dashboard features a set of visualisations that range from heatmaps of activity, demographic data, aggregate data, a comment viewing tool, and a series of “scatterplots” that show different correlations regarding different aspects of learner activity. The visualisations work for all the MOOCs in our university, and can be accessed from any PC inside or outside the university network. The visualisations can also be accessed from tablets and smartphones, although its use is not recommended in such devices. The tool is aimed at all tutors, educators, instructors, facilitators, and teaching assistants involved in the delivery of MOOCs.


Principle Investigator: Professor Sue White, University of Southampton

Co-Investigator: Dr Lisa Harris, University of Southampton

Co-Investigator: Ruth Cobos, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid

Co-Investigator: Professor Graham Earl, University of Southampton

Co-Investigator: Professor Manuel Leon, University of Southampton

Co-Investigator: Professor Adriana Wilde, University of Southampton


Final report.

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