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Intervention Mechanism for Detecting Supporting of Asthma Sufferers


Improving Asthma diagnosis at the level of the individual requires not only in depth analysis of clinical symptoms, lung function, and more complex (e.g. ‘omics analysis) assays, but also analysis of the individual in the context of their environment – physical and social. Although the latter data can be delivered from general and hospital-based practice, this project seeks a less onerous and potentially less invasive method of delivery.
In this project, we focus on using Web science methodologies to understand how social and environmental signals can be used to improve the diagnosis and day-to-day activities of Asthma suffers. We will be developing mobile technology to support the diagnosis and provide recommendations for patients suffering from Asthma. The data will then be used as part of existing studies into identifying the biological markers associated with Asthma. We are working with researchers who led on the multinational EU project UBIOPRED (the largest asthma research programme in the world), which has been developing mechanisms to identify the multi-dimensional biomarkers derived from complex heterogeneous datasets.
This project comprises of an interdisciplinary team of experts, including medical professionals at the NIHR Southampton Respiratory Biomedical Research Unit and the Southampton Centre for Biomedical Research, the institute of Life Sciences, and members of the psychology department who specialise in the development of behavioural intervention mechanisms. Supporting our activities, we will work with AsthmaUK, an organisation dedicated to supporting research associated with improving the life of Asthma suffers in the UK. AsthmaUK will both advise us on the development of the technology, and also support us in attracting users to take part in user studies using application. The research and technology developed in this project will form the preliminary work to support a larger grant with AsthmaUK.


Principal Investigator: Dr Ramine Tinati, ECS, Faculty of Physical Sciences Southampton

Co-Investigator: Professor Peter Smith, Institute for Life Sciences

Co-Investigator: Professor Ratko Djukanovic, NIHR

Co-Investigator: Dr Mark Weal, ECS, Faculty of Physical Sciences Southampton

Co-Investigator: Professor Dame Wendy Hall, ECS, Faculty of Physical Sciences Southampton

Co-Investigator: Professor Lucy Yardley, Faculty of Social, Human and Mathematical Science


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