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The University of Southampton
Web Science Institute

The Business-to-Business Sharing Economy: Is there a case for policy intervention?


There has been an increasing interest in the emerging sharing economy phenomenon. This, however, is primarily fuelled by the policy and academic debate about on-line peer-to-peer platforms, leaving innovative business-to-business (B2B) sharing platforms under the radar of this discourse. In this context, there are two interrelated aims for this project. The first is to model the uptake of on-line B2B sharing platforms, which facilitate reuse of redundant and underutilised resources; and the second is to simulate alternative policy scenarios in relation to online B2B sharing, and their socio-economic and environmental implications. The modelling and simulation will be done using advanced game theory techniques. The project findings will provide methodologically robust data-driven evidence on the possible effects of alternative government policies on the uptake of on-line B2B sharing in the reuse market space. The project will substantively advance limited and fragmented academic knowledge in this area. Its results will be shared with key stakeholders such as HM Treasury, Government departments, and Sharing Economy trading bodies.


Prinicpal Investigator: Dr Vadim Grinevich, Southampton Business School

Co-Investigator: Dr Dengji Zhao, Electronics and Computer Science


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