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The University of Southampton
Web Science Institute

The Geospatial Observatory


Much data is geospatially referenced and there is a need to access and visualise such data without resorting to local systems or proprietary services in the cloud. The Web Observatory provides a data infrastructure allowing users to engage with data sets and analytics on a global distributed scale. This project brings ‘geo’ capability to the Web Observatory through the integration of geospatial standards, protocols and visualisation tools.

The Geospatial Observatory will allow non-expert users to store spatial data in common formats, and make them available using open protocols and standards. A visualisation toolkit will enable users from a range of disciplines and IT backgrounds to create and share spatial data and maps directly from within the Web Observatory. Extensions to the existing Web Observatory Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) will provide access to all functionality by data scientists and programmers. Engagement activities will be undertaken to validate these developments and provide exemplar projects within the web and data science communities as well as a key international development community, leading to opportunities for large scale further funding applications.


Principal Investigator: Jason Sadler, GeoData, Geography and Environment

Co-Investigator: Dr Thanassis Tiropanis, Electronics and Computer Science

Co-Investigator: Dr Craig Hutton, GeoData, Geography and Environment


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