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The University of Southampton
Web Science Institute

Massive Open Online Annotation Framework


This project will produce a pilot framework for accessible annotation of streamed video and other multimedia content and evaluate its impact and potential for enrichment of research and learning resources. The results of the project will feed into a grant application to the AHRC focussed on time-based media annotation, developed in collaboration with stakeholders in industry and education. The project will engage researchers from Electronics and Computer Science, Humanities and Winchester School of Art. The project is focused on understanding the affordances and implications of video annotation within web technologies and the ways in which this supports new forms of learning, and in evaluating their impact.

The pilot system will provide accessible crowd-sourced annotation and enrichment of audio-visual material. Use cases include students watching, correcting automated transcription, and enhancing flipped classroom content, remixing online multimedia resources, problem based learning in class, real-time notation alongside research presentations, coding of audio-visual content for contextual analysis, second screening for research communication e.g. within documentaries, and creation of hybrid research publications. Annotations will be published as linked open data and support cross-referencing to existing social commenting systems, with natural language processing supporting cross-referencing of materials.

The system will be trialled in Semester Two in interconnected ECS, Humanities and WSA courses, as an ancillary component to one or more UoS MOOCs and as a component of Interdisciplinary Research Week (subject to approval).


Principal Investigator: Dr Mike Wald, Electronics and Computer Science

Co-Investigator: Professor Graeme Earl, Archaeology

Co-Investigator: Adam Proctor, Winchester School of Art

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