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Successful Projects

Principal InvestigatorProject TitleFunding year
Professor Ying Cheong Integrating AI into digital healthcare applications: capturing and utilizing emotional data to create an efficient and supportive IVF treatment environment 2020-2021
Dr Nicholas Kelley Analytical Reasoning and Fraud Susceptibility: Examining the Moderating Roles of Stress, Learning, and Expertise 2020-2021
Dr George Konstantinidis Monitoring, analysing and measuring the impact of propaganda and hostile narratives online 2020-2021
Dr Anita Lavorgna To App or not to App? Understanding Public Resistance in Using COVID-19 Digital Contract Tracing 2020-2021
Dr Vladimir Rizov Video Game Photography: An Examination of Reflective Gameplay 2020-2021
Dr Rebecca Taylor Technology Facilitated Remote Practice in Multi-agency Service Delivery: Domestic Abuse Support in a Post Pandemic World 2020-2021
Dr Rebecca Taylor Free Labour and the Sustainability of Open Source Software in Digital Infrastructure 2020-2021
Dr Ming-chin Monique Chu The Inter-connections between Artificial Intelligence, National and International Security 2019-2020
Professor Dame Wendy Hall Modelling Data Workflows to Understand Delivery of Data Resilience 2019-2020
Dr Yaniv Hanoch Identifying On-Line Fraud: The Case of Fake Websites 2019-2020
Professor Pauline Leonard Making Smart Fair: Investigating Bias in Data-Centric Infrastructure Delivery 2019-2020
Dr Tracey Newman Better Hearing Healthier Aging; Use of Machine Learning for Early Detection of Cochlear Implants Underperformance 2019-2020
Dr Pamela Ugwudike An Interdisciplinary Study of Digital Inclusion: Using Social Media Analytics to Challenge Online Epistemic Domination and Amplify Marginal Voices 2019-2020
Dr Dianna Smith CITISCAPE: CITIzen SCience Approach to imProving the urban built Environment 2019-2020
Dr Tom Irvine The Global Black Atlantic as Sonic Social Machine: Past, Present and Future 2018-2019
Dr Anita Lavorgna Promotion of harmful alternative cancer treatments on Twitter: network and content characteristics 2018-2019
Professor Sunil Manghani Making a Web of Arts 2018-2019
Dr David Millard An Investigation into the Ethics of Mixed Reality Games and Experiences 2018-2019
Dr Silke Roth Enabling Digital Fieldwork in Third Sector Organisations through Data Protection Research Exemptions 2018-2019
Dr Bindi Shah Migration and Nationhood on Twitter 2018-2019
Professor Sophie Stalla-Bourdillon PEDASI IoT Observatory – Delivering data driven services 2018-2019
 Dr Tiejun Ma Intelligence Mobile Blockchain-based Fraudulent and Risky Behaviour Prediction for Personal Financial Applications 2017-2018
Professor Tolga Bektas  Web-based Optimisation Tools for Collaborative Planning in Freight Distribution 2017-2018
Dr Aastha Madaan The Impact of Social Media on Democratic Elections and Public Votes 2017-2018
Dr Darja Reuschke Digital Workplace for Innovation and Participation (DigiWIP) 2016-2017
Professor Neil Wrigley Enhancing Long-Term Engagement & Research Collaboration with the ‘giant of the digital economy’ 2016-2017
David Baxter Exploring the Future of Work: The Effects of Distributed Work on Social Capital and Innovation 2016-2017
Dr Ramine Tinati Intervention Mechanism for Detecting Supporting of Asthma Sufferers 2016-2017
Dr Vadim Grinevich The Business-to-Business Sharing Economy: Is there a case for policy intervention? 2016-2017
Dr Ben Waterson Traffic Lights: Harnessing Distributed Control Intelligence 2016-2017
Dr Ramine Tinati Capacity building to enable longitudinal studies of online citizen participation systems 2015-2016
Dr Jane Pritchard Individual and Network Trust in Remote Monitoring Systems 2015-2016
Dr Silke Roth Smart Rural Areas - communities, communication and safe spaces in South Africa 2015-2016
Jason Sadler The Geospatial Observatory 2015-2016
Dr Thanassis Tiropanis Ethics and Law in Web Observatories 2015-2016
Dr Su White The MOOC Observatory Dashboard: Management, analysis and visualisation of MOOC data 2015-2016
Dr Kieron O'Hara Anonymisation, Open Data and Data Protection 2015-2016
Dr Chris Phethean Analysing Dietary Patterns, Preferences and Knowledge using Social Media. 2015-2016
Professor Michelle Lowe Digital Reconfiguration in the Retail Sector 2015-2016
Dr Sha Liu Web Based Big Data Platform for Financial Sentiment Mining 2015-2016
Dr Sophie Stalla-Bourdillon Observing and Recommending from a Social Web with Biases 2015-2016
Professor Frank McGroarty Measuring Financial Sentiment in Social Media 2014-2015
Dr Richard Giordano The Quantified Self and Clinical Decision Making 2014-2015
Professor Melanie Nind Participation and Responsible Innovation for Co-Design for Exchange (PRICE) 2014-2015
Dr Eloise Monger CLEAR: Comparing Learning Event and Actual Resuscitation data. A Web Observatory for resuscitation data 2014-2015
Dr Clare Hooper Digital Police Officer: Linguistic Analysis to Identify Cybercriminals 2014-2015
Dr Mike Wald Massive Open Online Annotation Framework 2014-2015
Jason Sadler Dissemination and 3D Visualisation of Hampshire Aerial Data 2014-2015
Dr Sarah Parsons Obesity and Health over Social Networks 2014-2015



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