(Bilevel) optimization, data analysis and forecasting
     Southampton, 3 - 4 July, 2017

Marios Michailidis is Research data scientist at H2O.ai and part-time PhD in machine learning at University College London (UCL) with a focus on ensemble modelling. He has worked in both marketing and credit sectors in the UK Market and has led many analytics projects with various themes including: Acquisition, Retention, Uplift, fraud detection, portfolio optimization and more. In his spare time he has created KazAnova, a GUI for credit scoring 100% made in Java as well as is the creator of StackNet Meta-Modelling Framework. In his spare time he loves competing on data science challenges and was ranked 1st out of 500,000 members in the popular Kaggle.com data competition platform. Here you can find a blog about Marios being ranked top in kaggle out of 470,000 data scientist sharing knowledge tricks and ideas. Finally, Marios' website can be found here, with more info on other related (free) software he has developed in the past for predictive analytics.

TITLE OF TALK: Become Kaggle Number #1 using StackNet

ABSTRACT: The StackNet is a computational, scalable and analytical, metamodeling framework implemented in Java that resembles a feedforward neural network and uses Wolpert’s stacked generalization on multiple levels to improve accuracy in machine learning predictive problems. Kaggle.com is the word’s biggest predictive modelling platform with over half a million members that hosts machine learning competitions on which companies and researchers post their data and data scientists from all over the world compete to produce the best models. The talk will expand on what is StackNet , what has been the inspirations behind it, how it works and how it has been used to win multiple online modelling competitions and become #1 in kaggle with specific use cases. StackNet's official Repo is here: Find here a blog of StackNet methodology winning a popular data science (kaggle) competition.

School of Mathematical Sciences, University of Southampton