Dr Enrico Gerding is an Associate Professor in the Agents, Interaction and Complexity (AIC) research group in the Department of Electronics and Computer Science (ECS) at the University of Southampton. He has been an academic at Southampton since 2007. He received his PhD from the Dutch National Center of Mathematics and Computer Science (CWI) in 2004 on the topic of automated negotiation. With around 100 peer-reviewed publications in high quality conferences, journals and books, he has an excellent track record in research on artificial intelligence, specifically the area of autonomous agents and multi-agent systems. This concerns developing software programs which can make autonomous decisions on behalf of users based on their preferences.

Funded PhD Positions

ECS offers plenty of opportunities for doing a PhD. If you want to find out more about funding, topics or anything else, drop me an email.

Research Interests

Dr Gerding combines theoretical and applied research, and focuses on applications where autonomous agents compete in markets and negotiate. Specific applications include the smart grid, online advertising markets, cloud computing, algorithmic trading in financial markets, and online advertising auctions.