The Kin

Thanks to Amir Abbasov for a translation into Azerbaijanian here and to Ashna Bhatt for a translation into Thai here .

The Kin are Cairo's indiginous werecats. They are strange creatures that exist as both men and cats. The transformation from one form to another is instanteous though sometimes when stressed they leave an impression of both.zerbaijani


Ramon Al Faisal ( Laura Baldwin )

Description: Tallish, rangy, hair in eyes. He's usually just on the near side of unkempt, except when he's trying to look smart, in which case he does a good job. Egyptian complexion. Easy grin most of the time. Hands always moving, usually talking. As a cat, grey with faded-black Siamese pattern markings.

Background: Ramon is twenty-two, with a moderate either inheritance or allowance (which he's squandering, alas). He's the sort of upper-class youth that the older generation despairs of ever becoming a useful citizen (though I imagine being useful is less important to cats, who are also big on Lazy and Comfortable and Being Petted). He's always looking for the New Interesting Thing, and finding it, which usually lasts for about a month. However, three fads ago, a friend suggested joining up with the Temple of Bast, as he had heard the incense gave you interesting visions, and the grownups approved of Serious Concerns like religion. Which was all very well, and religion was very exciting for a good month, but as Ramon was thinking of fading out again, he had a Real Vision, in which Bast basically said (though probably more cryptically) "I choose you as the anointed successor for My priestess. Don't disappoint me." So, I'm still an apprentice.

Physical: Quick and graceful Particularly attractive to women Fidgety Acrobatic

Mental: Quick learner Intense, a very good listener Eclectic collection of knowledge Stubborn

Social: Charming and persuasive Shallow Convinced everyone likes me (or would) Well-connected

Ex-fads: Fencing French Chivalry Stuff they do in Circuses Archaeology (this one passed quickly. too much dust.) Big Game Hunting Cocktails Current one: jazz

Apocryphal but highly plausible quote: Me: "Barry and I have a great rapport" Andy's character: "We do not. And *stop* calling me Barry."

Sarah/Bastola ( Mike Person )

Sarah Beckenshaw came to Cairo with her father, the British govenor (Samuel Horace Bekenshaw). She adopted, then merged with a cat called Bastola to become one of the kin. She is the companion of the wizard Ib's.

Defanuh (Andy Shultz)

Defanuh's life is marked by the death of his old lover and her husband. In his eyes his dishonour in the matter has tainted him for life and his only purpose now is to guide their son Abdul al Abel to adulthood. His fearsome skills as a warrior are sometimes employed by those with honourable reasons for taking a life.

Mirriam Al-Mekek ( Elizabeth Ditchburn)

Mirriam Weston-Smith is the child of two worlds, but feels that she belongs to neither. He father is the Archeologist John Weston-Smith. He first came to Cairo over twenty years ago. The story that is commonly circulated among the European population then says that he went desert mad. He became close friends with some of the high ranking Arabs in Cairo. He began dressing in Arab clothing, he learned the language, and eventually he even married the sister of one of his Arab friends. The last act came over the strident objections of his family, who had until then hoped that it was all a passing phase. Mirriam was the first an only surviving child of this union. When she was ten her mother and little brother died in a cholera outbreak. Mirriam's father did not deal with their deaths well, and his British friends persuaded him to send Mirriam to boarding school, believing that it would be best for both of them. Mirriam did not get along well at school in England. Until then she had been raised as a moslem, and it was only too clear that her dark hair and eyes made her an outcast among the other students at the school. It was more than that, though. Mirriam had developed an almost morbid fasination with death and the occult. She would sneak out at night to visit cemetaries, and when she was old enough to go out on her own she began attending seances. She quickly found that most of these sessions were nothing more than a bunch of bored middle aged women with too much time on there hands, though there was one time when she felt that something really was happening.

Mirriam is eighteen now, and has recently returned to Cairo. Her father has been working with a French archiologist named Francois d'Aver. Mirriam has become deeply interested in the ancient Egyptian rites for the dead. After a raid on the dig by some locals, Mirriam was helpingp piece together a statue of a cat when she had a strange dream. She dreamed that she had turned into a cat. It was so real, she could feel the sand beneath her paws as she padded around the tomb. She awoke several hours later feeling exhausted. Since then she's continued to have cat dreams. In some she's prowling around modern day Cairo looking for someone. In some she's sitting at the foot of a pharohs throne.

Mirriam stopped being a strict Moslem when she arrived in England -- it was actively discouraged. Now that she's back she switched between European and Islamic dress depending on the situation. She's rather confused about her religious beliefs, though she does belive in the supernatural.

Mirriam is average height and slender with long, thick black hair, brown eyes, and a completion that is light for an arab but dark for a european. She learns quickly, and has the ability to concentrate on what she is doing, but does not react particulary quickly. She's quick and agile, but not very strong. She has exotic good looks, and is polite and well spoken, but rather shy. She speaks English, French and Arabic fluently, reads hieroglyphs. She had a hodge-podge of occult knowledge, mostly centered around different cultures beliefs about the dead, and mystical means of contacting them. Most of this knowledge is purely theoretical, but strange things sometimes happen when she fools around.

Rajiv (Tony Camire)

Rajiv is a musician, not that good at performance (I think I am, but the opinion is not really shared by anyone else), but he has a knack for writing lyrics based on his experiences and playing the pipe. He is convinced that if he experiences more exciting things, he will write better songs, and the general public will come to appreciate his talents. Thus, he is off in search of adventure, romance, etc. He has recently written abit of music that everyone finds particularly fulfilling, it still needs some work though.

He is oblivious to danger around him. When a situation comes up, he tends to come to a quick conclusion on what should be done, and stubbornly stick to that plan, despite evidence that it is failing miserably.

Physical: wiry, mussed hair. Not very attentive to physical appearance. Dark hair, brown eyes. As a cat, also fairly dark with tangled fur. Large eyes that seem to be focused elsewhere fairly often.

Social: Mostly aloof, unless the subject is something I am interested in, and then I can be rather intense. I often get absorbed in something, and then tend to forget others are around. I don't get this 'woman' thing, but would like to, as that provides the best lyrics.

Mental: Very quick at picking up patterns, and figuring out where something is going. Very intuitive in understanding things, though not 'university trained' in things like the sciences. Often comes to conclusions (sometimes right :-), but cannot explain the logical steps taken to get there.

Contacts: Has a mother that doesn't approve of what he is doing, but he occasionally wishes to please her. No wife and kids. A couple musician friends that used to play with him (in a band?), and a tutor that taught him some music skills, but is now mysteriously missing (this particular song doesn't have an ending yet, and is one thing he would like to finish).

Tai-Li (Liz Bush)

Tai-Li is a spy in the service of the Duchess So Ya of the She Lu province of China. The family has recently fled to Cairo after a coup in their home country.

Aran ( Heather Grove )

Aran is a 13-year-old street urchin. When he was 6 his family (parents and older sister) were attacked by thieves; his sister got between him and the attackers long enough for him to get away. As far as he knows his family are all dead, and he doesn't even remember their names any more (or his own last name).

Aran grew up on the streets. He makes a living by thieving -- he takes unattended items, picks pockets, and pilfers items from tombs to sell to British tourists. He's small and thin and dirty and his clothing is mostly rags (except for those occasions when he manages to steal nicer clothing).

When Aran was 11 he stumbled across a small shrine to Bast in a house he was robbing. A cat attacked him there and he killed it. As a lesson, he was turned into a werecat. It took him at least a good year to learn how to control it. To him it was a curse; he's only now starting to see it as possibly being a good thing. In cat form he's small, thin and white -- and rather dirty. His ribs show beneath short fur.

Aran is generally a loner and very suspicious of people who say they're going to help him, but underneath it all he longs to have a family again. If he ever took a bath and got some nice clothes he'd look pretty good; his hair is short and dark and unevenly cut. When trying to con tourists into buying his "artifacts" he's gotten quite good at putting on a sincere face.

Aran is quick and small and generally evades any pursuers by escaping through openings too small for anyone else. He's rather stealthy and very adept at slicing unwary streetgoers' purse-strings.

Aran is quick-witted and fairly perceptive, but hasn't had any formal schooling (and sees no real use for it).


Sophelia is a rogue amongst the Islamic society. She belongs to most of the most distinguished harems of the old ruling class.


She is a young female who started as a cat and gained the ability to change to human form her uncommon grace and exotic appearance led her to train as a dancer, she is comfortable on the streets and probably less comfortable in conversation because her nature is more obvious that way she tends to encourage others to carry conversations to avoid seeming too odd She is very physical in her communication [stroking, hugging touching, always getting inside personal space] A friendly cat but not a foolishly trusting one, easily offended, and quick to bite or scratch those who fail to respect her dignity. She works as a dancer at a traditional dancehall in the Old City.