The Final Tale

Read it in Polish here - thanks to Marie Stefanova; or in Thai here thanks to Ashna Bhatt; or in Azerbaijanian here thanks to Amir Abbasov; or in Ukrainian here thanks to Anna Matesh.

Samuel Beckenshaw announced his resignation from the position of Governor of Egypt several weeks ago. He wished to return to England to mourn the loss of his daughter and has recently done so. Quentin and Eugene have stayed behind to tidy up lose ends.

All that remains is the last clearing out of the Governor's mansion and the shipping of his last possessions home by train to Alexandria then by boat to Southampton. Eugene has done most of the packing while Quentin wanders lamenting the loss of Sarah. Ib's' influence has stopped outright anger breaking out over the incident but it lies just below the surface.

Quentin is staring at the picture of Emelia Roberts, the eccentric Scotish lady who first built the mansion. Eugene has restored her picture over the stairs for the next occupants (Sarah had had it taken down because she had declared it morbid). Emelia is depicted wearing clan regalia and a gold Egyptian circlet with a vipers head to the fore. Suddenly cries of frustration rise from the garden without. Eugene is on his knees beating the ground in frustration. His latest attempts to catch the pot bellied pig in the garden have apparently failed.

The sight is sufficient to tip Quentin over the edge. It just isn't right that Eugene should be having to clear up after another mess those cats left! He charges off to find Mirriam, banging loudly on her front door. He demands the cats come and sort out the business although by now he's starting to feel like he might be being a little foolish. Mirriam agrees to find the others and come and see what the problem is.

She finds the cats lazing about at the temple and they head down to the Governor's house. A large number of crates marked Eugene and an address in England stand on the street outside. Quentin points out the pig which is meandering around the lawn. Eugene is rather surprised to see them all and when they say they're going to sort the pig out he seems a bit flustered and says he's heading for the train station.

Defanuh contemplates shooting the pig. Rajiv is sent off to the zoo to ask if they want the pig back. Ramon sets about pig stalking. He has lots of fun diving into flower beds and bushes failing to capture the pig. Finally he leaps out of a tree onto the pigs back and is taken for a ride across the lawn which ends in the compost heap, pig still free. The others watch the entertainment from the porch.

At the zoo Rajiv finds the owner dealing with a zebra. He'd like the pig back but is a bit busy - could they bring it down? Rajiv promises to try and ehads off to market to buy truffles and a good dose of sleeping medicine.

Mirriam tries tolure the pig to her with apples. This works very well but when she produces string to attempt to ensnare the pig it becomes more interested in eating that than the apples.

Rajiv returns and tries his sleeping powder dosed truffles. The pig eats a good deal of them. Rajiv tries luring it into a box but before they get there it yawns and heads off for the back of the garden where it disappears into the brush against the back wall.

Tai Li heads into the brush after the pig and finds a hole in the ground refilled with stone and gravel. The pig has slipped down a tunnel into it and when she follows there seem to be stairs leading down from the surface. She ends up face to face with the snoring pig a little way in. When she tries to noose it though it wakes and scurries off further into the ground.

The others have started to clear some of the stones - it's definitely a man-made entry. Quentin discovers the brush can be pulled aside easily and there is a well trod trail to the pit.

Tai Li continues after the pig. The tunnel breaks through the obstruction and she is on stairs that lead down to an entry to an underground tunnel. A stone door blocking the way has been smashed into little chunks. Beyond it in niches to either side stand two ancient Egyptian statues of warriors holding spears across the entry. The tunnel slopes down and has, almost new looking, paintings from the Egyptian book of the dead on the walls. The pig has continued on and she follows.

Continuing on down Tai Li finds a pit which she jumps and sets of stairs. The corridor is rather long and seems to be going quite deep. Finally it ends at a burial chamber. A statue of Anubis stands at the back and a stone sarcophagus in the middle. The walls are painted, ancient Egyptian style, but show a lady in Scottish kilt in London, Paris, and New York as well as on the Nile. The tomb has clearly been robbed - gold is scraped off everything, the cabinets are empty, the lid of the sarcophagus lies on the floor broken. The pig is asleep on the floor.

The others have finally cleared out the entranceway and head down after Tai Li. When they get to the bottom they survey the room in astonishment. Emelia Roberts for sure! Rajiv binds up the pig, Mirriam investigates the wall carvings and Defanuh pokes about in the sarcophagus. A wooden, inner mummy case lies within the sarcophagus covered in gravel. A groan comes from it and some scraping.

Everyone freezes and Defanuh undoes the catch. The mummy case springs open and a mummy, with a painted face mask, lunges out of the case! Quentin yelps and grabs a broken piece of furniture. Defanuh tries to restrain the mummy but it deals a blow that oddly seems to sap his will and he staggers back. Quentin charges but can't find the strength of purpose to actually hit the mummy. he staggers away muttering how it's not right..

The mummy surveys the room and its occupants before standing and heading for the door. The cats follow debating what to do. The mummy heads to the surface, across the lawn, throught he house and towards the front door. They can't let it get onto the street can they? There seems little alternative as it heads determinedly on. Outside Cairenes scream but ramon decides to tell them all it's an advert for an upcoming film. A crowd of interested people starts to follow the advertisement.

The mummy heads across the Ezbekia central square and on up towards the train station. There it proceeds onto the platform. They see Eugene overseeing the loading of his crates on a train. The mummy is headed straight for him. He catches sight of it and freezes, colour drainging from his face. The mummy staggers up to him points and gasps- YOU. Then it keels over and is still.

Well Eugene? Er... the mummy has presumably put its curse on you... Eugene under pressure admits he was the one who robbed the tomb. The treasures are in the crates and were to be his retirement fortune.

Tai Li heads to the Shadows where she sees an old lady heading west. She rushes up and asks if everything is alright. Well hardly dear, my tomb has just been robbed and I've been evicted from heaven! She's used up all her energy in being a revenant to accuse the robber. Now she'll have to hope someone puts it right for her. Tai Li says they will.

Eugene is sentenced to replace all the treasures by himself. He does unhappily. Then they send him off home. They seal the tomb up with concrete and carry the trussed pig off to the zoo where it is restored to its pen.