A top quark event from Fermilab's D-Zero detectorA neutrino picture of the SunA neutrino event from the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory
The Atlas Detector for the Large Hadron Collider The Atlas Detector for the Large Hadron Collider The Cosmic Microwave Background as seen by the Boomerang experiment

Southampton Theory, Astronomy and Gravitation Masterclasses

The SHEP group has for many years hosted annual Particle Physics Masterclasses - day long events, highlighting some of the latest developments in Particle Physics research, and enabling physics students in their sixth form (and their teachers) to experience the excitement of research in this fundamental field. They provide the opportunity to relate A-level physics to fundamental research, and provide valuable access to practical experience and enthusiastic practitioners.

Since the covid pandemic we have moved these events, now in collaboration with the broader STAG research centre , online where we can reach a wider audience. The online environment also allows us to hold Masterclasses more frequently. To date we have held two online events on

  • 5th April 2022 - Particle Physics (by Prof Steve King) and Black Hole Hunting (by Dr Matt Middleton)


  • 28th March 2023 - The Quantum Vacuum (by Prof Nick Evans) and Quantum Gravity (by Dr David Turton)


  • 12th December 2023 - Hidden Monsters – The Most Distant Supermassive Black Holes Lurking in the Dust (by Dr Manda Banerji) and Gravitational Wave Astronomy: Opening A New Window Onto The Universe (by Dr Ian Jones)


  • 26th March 2024 - An Introduction to Particle Physics (by Prof Nick Evans) and Analyzing particle events hands on exercise (by Dr Ken Mimasu) (Slides are here )


    Future events will be held on

  • 24th June 2024 - Dr Elinor Irish "An Introduction to Quantum Mechanics"
    - Dr Bipasha Charkraborty "Quantum computing: simulating the quantum world using quantum mechanics"


    A typical masterclass has two 50 minute talks by our STAG experts in the areas of Particle Physics, Quantum Gravity, General Relativity or Astrophysics. We also host a 45 minute Q&A session with experts in these fields.

    If you or your school group would like to sign up for a future event please contact Dr Pearl John pj@soton.ac.uk.

    One of a set of Masterclasses organised by the High Energy Particle Physics Group of the Institute of Physics throughout the UK