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PHYS1022 Electricity and Magnetism: Lecture slides and other handouts

Spare copies of ABCD and EF

Formula sheet

Summary sheet 1: Electric charge, and electric field
Summary sheet 2: Gauss's Law
Summary sheet 3: Electric Potential
Summary sheet 4: Electrostatic Energy and Capacitance, Electric Current and Direct-Current Circuits
Summary sheet 5: Magnetic Field and Magnetic Forces
Summary sheet 6: Sources of the Magnetic Field: Biot-Savart law and Ampere's law
Summary sheet 7: Electromagnetic Induction: Faraday's law and Lenz's law

Lecture slides will appear below as the course progresses.

Lecture 1 ppt version

Lecture 2 ppt version

Lecture 3 ppt version

Lecture 4 ppt version

Lecture 5 ppt version

Lecture 6 ppt version

Lecture 7 ppt version

Lecture 8 ppt version

Lecture 9 ppt version

Lecture 10 ppt version

Lecture 11 ppt version

Lecture 12:introduction to B fields, aurora

Lecture 13:B fields

Lecture 14

Lecture 15

Lecture 16

Lecture 17: Ampere's law

Lecture 18: applications of Ampere's law

Lecture 19: Induction

Lecture 20: Inductance

Chapter 20 revision lecture

Chapter 21 revision lecture

Chapter 22 revision lecture

Chapter 26 revision lecture

Chapter 27 revision lecture

 Betty Lanchester
October 2010

School of Physics and Astronomy
University of Southampton