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On a holiday recently I was without my Once Upon a Time cards but wanted a story telling game... so I came up with these simple rules to change Rummy into a story telling vehicle...

Firstly you'll need to know how to play Rummy (probably you already do) but a rules summary can be found here .

New Rules: Each card in the deck is associated with an Event, Character, Place or Object according to a master list (see the one below).

Every time a player "melds" cards read off their associations - the player must incorporate those objects into a story (continuing on from the story from any previous melds).

When a player goes out they must complete the story using the final story elements associated with the cards they meld. If you want to score the game use the usual rummy rules!

That's it! The fun is in constructing the Master Lists and seeing how many different stories they generate. Below is a sample Master List for stories of the arcane set in London.

Arcane London

Hearts Clubs Diamonds Spades
Ace Archaelogist East End Stolen Picture Eclipse
2 Canopic Jar Blood Curdling Scream National Gallery Ripper Spirit
3 British Museum Policeman High Society Party Bloody Remains
4 Museum Director Oxford Street Strange Plant Pea Souper
5 Unopened Crate Hair Raising Howl Kew Gardens Vicious Beast
6 University Colege Cut Purse Body Found Giant Paw Print
7 Linguistics Professor London Docks Holy Water Deep Snow
8 Rosetta Stone Shout For Help St Pauls Golem
9 Library Street Urchin Evening Service Hebrew Script
10 Novelist Old Vic Theatre Indian Diamond Thunder and Lightning
Jack Ancient Book Tolling Bell Tower of London Ghost of Dr Dee
Queen Masonic Lodge Cabby Bricked Up room Discovered Glowing Amulet
King Exhibition Opening Umbrella Care taker Crypt

Clearly it is easy to construct tables for many different sorts of stories - if you create one you like please mail ( me a copy and I'll add it to this web page....