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"September 11 2001"


Schedule of Past and Future Talks: 2000-2015

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Talks (2000-2015)

"Scholarly Skywriting" (1990)
"PostGutenberg Galaxy" (1991)

"Subversive" Proposal (1994, 1998

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Toll-Free Access to Refereed Research (2001)
Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI, 2001)
BOAI Self-Archiving FAQ (2001)
Self-Archiving Initiative (Nature, 2001)

OA Proposal for UK Research Assessment Exercise (Ariadne, 2003)
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Berlin 3 Open Access Self-Archiving Mandate (Recommended) (2005)
RCUK Open Access Self-Archiving Mandate (Adopted by 6 out of 7 councils) (2006-7)
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Powerpoint Presentation Available for Publicizing Open Access and Self-Archiving:

In order to help universities and research institutions inform their researchers about open access and self archiving and their their effects on research usage and citation impact we have created a series of powerpoints illustrating the How's and Why's of institutional open-access provision and policy. Permission is granted for anyone to use these powerpoints or these PDFs, created by T. Brody, C. Hajjem and S. Harnad (U. Southampton, UQ├ M), to promote institutional self-archiving and open access.
Dialup Video for OA Talk (Windows Media Format) London
Broadband Version (WMP) London
STREAMING VIDEO (Windows Media format) Monterey
STREAMING VIDEO (Real format) Monterey
Berlin 3 Meeting: Streaming video Southamton
Berlin 3 Meeting Video (1a: 4Mb) Southampton
Berlin 3 Meeting Video (1b: 52Mb) Southampton
Berlin 3 Meeting Video (2: 137Mb) Southampton
Version langue fran├žaise
2e Version langue fran├žaise
Li├Ęge Rectors' Conference (2007)
Driver Summit (2008)
FEST Trieste (2008)

Peer Review  (Nature Web Matters, 1998)
Paracite citation-seeker
Standardized OAI CV for harvesting and impact assessment
CalTech Review of 
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Seeking musicians: string, wind, keyboard & voice for baroque music

Donald Olding Hebb: (1904 - 1985) 
Leonide Goldstein: (1914 - 1988) 
Julian Jaynes: (1920 - 1997) Society 
Ashley Montagu: (1905 - 1999) Institute 

Jeffrey Gray: (1934 - 2004) 
"He who steals my prose, steals trash:
The purse from whence it flows,
Is stashed,

István Hesslein

like moths and drunks,
seem attracted,
where the light
shines, not
where the key lies"

István Hesslein
Skywritings (blog)