Re: Restructuring Learned Society Communications

From: Thomas Krichel <T.Krichel_at_SURREY.AC.UK>
Date: Sun, 30 Aug 1998 13:31:30 +0100

  Murray Turoff writes

> we will find small groups of young scientists doing it on their own and
> gradually evolving a whole new set alternative societies.

  I have some initial evidence of that. I work on a collection of
  toll-free archives providing structured metadata about new publications
  (mostly pre-prints) in my field. This dataset is called RePEc. RePEc has
  a number of user services, one of them is a current awareness service for
  recent additions to RePEc. The service is called NEP: New Economics Papers
  and its homepage is at Each week a team of
  editors filters the list of all new additions into a series of reports
  that are subject specific. This is a primitive form of peer review. But
  it is easy to imagine extensions for example web sites with lists of
  recommended papers. These things will evolve slowly over time. I hope
  to see a scolarly communication system where the publication is separated
  from the quality control. I like to see a world where every author can
  publish her work on the internet, and where separate groups review
  the work.

  Thomas Krichel
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