Re: Should Publishers Offer Free-Access Services?

From: Tony Barry <tonyb_at_NETINFO.COM.AU>
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 1998 15:23:48 +1000

At 12:21 PM 1998/08/28, Thomas J. Walker wrote:
>The archiving is important and logical for reasons state above. If
>libraries establish their role as reliable archivers of electronic versions
>of paper-published journals, they will be in good position to maintain that
>role in the all-electronic future.

Libraries can't if the access contracts preclude them from doing so. Even
national libraries have problems as copyright legislation has not caught up
with the problem of deposit copies for electronic artifacts. The national
libraries of Sweden and Australia are taking completely different
approaches to this and it is not yet clear how to archive material with
dynamic content or which is mediated through a database.


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