The Grey Literature

From: Tony Barry <> <harnad_at_COGSCI.SOTON.AC.UK>
Date: Tue, 1 Sep 1998 17:27:46 -0400

At 6:48 PM 1998/08/31, Jonathan Baron wrote:
>What we've been talking about is the economics of doing regular
>journals on the web, as well as working papers.

With increasing number of working papers, seminar papers and departmental
reports going direct to the web, coupled with the increasing sophistication
of search robots, we could well see the situation where the grey literature
becomes far easier to find and access than the journal literature. There may
evolve a situation where poorer institutions become reliant on the grey
literature for their access to information. With currency trends in the
last few days only the US and parts of Western Europe will not be involved
in massive cancellations of journal subscriptions within their libraries.

Perhaps we may see the emergence of a two tier scholarly communication system?
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