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>Perhaps the only strategy which has any chance of success is to take
>direct action on the Web to raise the traditional cry: "stop thief!"
>Establishments and their allies in the publishing business control most
>of the avenues to redress (e.g., letters-to-the-editor) but they do not
>yet control the Web. The key to what actions are feasible is this: None
>of the traditional lines of protest will work; if the strategies are
>modified to apply to the Web they may work.

I would advocate to individuals the following principles -

Do not submit papers to journals -

1. which do not let you retain the rights to electronically
    distribute copies of the paper or publish it on a web server.

2. that do not enable libraries to distribute electronic
    copies of the papers from electronic versions of the journal
    under the fair dealing provisions which apply to paper

In addition, for journals which do not observe the two
principles above -

a) avoid citing papers published by them

b) do not subscribe to them and advocate their cancellation
        from any library with which they use when there are budgetary

c) refuse offers to act on referee panels or editorial boards

I would suggest to professional bodies that they -

        * adopt these principles and advocate them to their membership

        * Apply them to the journals that they produce

Its time for the politics of boycott.


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