Re: Savings from Converting to On-Line-Only: 30%- or 70%+ ?

From: Albert Henderson <> <harnad_at_COGSCI.SOTON.AC.UK>
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998 05:32:38 -0400

On Sep 1998 Arthur P. Smith <> wrote:

aps> I only know the circulation trends from 1960 on (dropping 3%/year on
aps> average) - I believe circulation actually grew from 1950 to 1960...
aps> it's hard to
aps> go beyond this kind of rough comparison to actual numbers without
aps> getting into a lot of silly technicalities (which may however be
aps> important for other arguments).

My notes from editors' reports published in the Bulletin of the
American Physical Society indicate the following circulation
figures for nonmember sales of Physical Review:

    1966 4443
    1967 4427
    1968 4325
    1969 4157
    1970 3667
    1989 1945

At one point, 1968, universities held up payment of page charges
for no apparent reason and put APS (and probably some others) in
the red. See the editorial by Bill Koch in the Dec. Physics Today.

While rechecking your figures you might also want to take a close
look at who is disbursing the page charge payments you'd like to
hang your new hat on. What will they do once they have squeezed
every nickle out of the libraries?

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