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> Date: Mon, 19 Oct 1998 14:55:48 -0400
> Subject: automated web-based peer review & publication
> From: Lee Miller <>
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> To reduce costs and accelerate peer review and publication, the on-line
> scientific journal _Conservation Ecology_ has created custom software that
> automates almost the entire process of running a journal. The only
> activities that are not automated are those requiring human decisions,
> e.g., choosing subject editors and reviewers, writing reviews, and making
> editorial decisions.
> This automation software serves as a virtual editorial office and
> publisher's office. It carries manuscripts from submission through peer
> review, and on to editing, publication, and distribution. All
> communications among staff, authors, editors, and reviewers, and all steps
> in the peer review process occur via email and the Web. The journal is
> published exclusively on the Web, at
> The system has functioned successfully for nearly two years.
> As the next step in the evolution of this software, _Conservation Ecology_
> will rewrite the system in a more powerful language, allowing it to
> handle larger volumes of manuscripts more efficiently.
> The journal invites other peer-reviewed, non-profit publications to become
> partners in a consortium being formed to build Version 2.0. The revised
> software will be customizable to suit the needs of consortium members with
> many different systems of peer review, and multiple forms of publication.
> A paper describing _Conservation Ecology_'s automated, web-based peer
> review and publication system was presented by Shealagh Pope and Lee
> Miller at the recent combined meeting of the Council of Biology Editors
> (CBE), the Association of Earth Science Editors (AESE),and the European
> Association of Science Editors (EASE) in Washington, D.C. Interested
> parties may read the paper at this Web address:
> Editors or publishers who are interested in learning more about the
> consortium that will develop and share Version 2.0 of the _Conservation
> Ecology_ software should contact Shealagh Pope, Project Coordinator for
> the journal, at <>.
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