Re: Journals are Quality Certification Brand-Names

From: Tony Barry <tonyb_at_DYNAMITE.COM.AU>
Date: Wed, 2 Jun 1999 10:57:17 +1000

At 06:32 PM 1/6/99, Stevan Harnad wrote:
>Journals certify quality with a known brand-name. They will and should
>continue doing that. Whether the articles appear in paper or online,
>whether for fee or for free, is irrelevant to that underlying quality
>control and certification function that journals have always performed.

But you can decouple the certification of quality from the publication via
for instance an RDF server.

Authors could then publish where they liked and an RDF server could provide
the certifciation of quality by pointing to them and also serve up indexing
metadata needed for search engines. There is no longer any need for
publication and certification of quality to be done by the one institution.
For than matter RDF servers could compete to provide the best service over
the same domain of papers rather that the quasi monopoly which exists with
the journal system.


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