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From: Professor L.W. Hurtado <hurtadol_at_DIV.ED.AC.UK>
Date: Fri, 18 Jun 1999 09:39:58 +000

This is especially directed to Stevan Harnad re: his proposal that
authors of refereed journal articles should self-archive their final-
form articles and thus make them accessible on the Web. It is a
small but practical question:
At least in the Humanities disiciplines, journal articles can be of
significant length (perhaps longer than most "hard" science
articles), often 15-30pp or even more. Now a full citation
requirement = author, article title, journal, vol., year, and pp. of the
article and the specific p. of the portion being cited/quoted. In
paper form articles have such page numbers. Would/do self-
archived articles have the vol. & page numbers borne by the
articles in the paper-print journal? I assume so. If not (e.g., if what
is archived is a pre-print form), then someone citing the Web
version would have no fixed citation point (rather like not having
standardized latitude-longitude for giving location). Now in "pure"
(i.e., e-form only/original) electronic publication, as we know,
various e-form markers are put in (e.g., numbered paragraphs, or
even page numbers of the Web formatted version). But when an
essay appears also in paper-form, won't it be important for any
citation to enable a researcher to find and verify the citation
quickly, and isn't the ideal to have some citation format that allows
the researcher to verify either/both the paper-form and the e-form?
(This is obviously a simple request for information/suggestion and
not offered as an antagonistic question.)
Larry Hurtado

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