Re: Journal Article Royalties: Reanimating the "Faustian Bargain"

From: Thomas Krichel <T.Krichel_at_SURREY.AC.UK>
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 17:07:02 +0100

  Franck Ramus writes

> For the moment, i would say that the reasonable choice is rather between
> established journals that allow public archiving and those that don't.


> Of course all this information is available to all authors upon request from
> each journal, but it could be part of a project like Cogprints to centralize
> it, order it, update it regularly, and make it available to all authors,
> inciting them to choose journals that serve best their interest.

  I wanted to do just that just a couple of years ago for the RePEc
  dataset, under a project heading "Journal Watch". But members in
  my community voiced opposition against the project. One academic,
  associated with the journal Econometrica, wrote

1> Econometrica, at least from some, has no direct policy on papers on
1> the net - absence of a policy can be easily taken to permit posting.
1> Getting a society to make a statement places them at some risk and
1> most societies are risk averters. Would be nice if they all signed
1> off on a statement, but that requires a good deal of lobbying,
1> convincing folks that there is no harm, etc.

  and another added

2> I've often heard the saying, "It is easier to ask for forgiveness than
2> to ask for permission." and I think it really applies well here. Asking
2> for policy might yield something you don't like, but going along with
2> a somewhat ill-defined situation will often give results you like.

  a senior librarian noted

3> I would be reluctant to do such a study at this moment. The fact is
3> that only a few publishers really have defined a strategy for their
3> (electronic) future. Most publishers, the small and medium-sized
3> ones, are currently in a stressy and uncertain situation. Most of
3> them don't know what to do.

  I gave up my plan. That was two years ago, have things changed?

  Thomas Krichel
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