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I would really like to support Kitty Porter's reaction to Mr.
Henderson's comment. I do not exactly know on what planet Mr. Henderson
lives, but it certainly is not on mine. University profits? A wonderful
oxymoron in my opinion. Elsevier and other greedy publishers ensure 40%
profit rates and "soothe" university libraries' anxieties by telling
them that they are going to make the price increases predictable (of
the order of 10-15% per year while the inflation rate is a small
fraction of this) rather than containing their own prices.

Let these publishers first behave decently or let us do what is needed
to drive them out of business (by supporting initiatives such as
Ginsparg's and PubMed Central). They and not university administrators
are to blame and we should not let the likes of Mr. Henderson work
toward dividing our own house!

Profit and market fetishism are really the plagues of this century!

Jean-Claude Gu=E9don, Ph. D.

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