Re: Copyright FAQ for refereed journal authors

From: Richard Stallman <rms_at_GNU.ORG>
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 14:59:43 -0600

    Caching and backup and mirroring, like network interconnectivity and
    interaccessibility, are simply part of the NATURE of a global digital
    network -- or rather of the non-firewalled portion of it, which is
    again what is meant (on any construal) by "public."

I agree with you, but we cannot rely on courts to agree with you.

    So I stand by the contention that formally reserving in one's copyright
    agreement solely the legal right to PUBLICLY archive a paper on the Web
    already covers all those other options; they go with the territory.

But will judges accept this contention? I don't think so. When
giving authors advice for what they should ask for in legal documents,
we should make sure to give them reliable legal advice--advice which
will reliably (as much as possible) produce the results that we are
asking them to strive for.
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