Re: Open Archiving: What are researchers willing to do?

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Subject: What are researchers willing to do?

> Researchers should be highly motivated to make their refereed articles
> freely accessible on the Web. Thus far, however, their interest and
> actions relative to such access have been minimal. For example, few life
> scientists have taken the offered opportunity to post their refereed
> articles on central e-print servers.
> I was therefore pleased to find, at three talks given to groups of 25 or
> more life-science researchers during the past year, that most such
> researchers have finally concluded that the Web will revolutionize their
> access to journal articles. Also they are beginning to realize that free
> Web access is affordable and much more desirable than the tollgate access
> that most publishers are currently planning and implementing.
> To find out what those attending my two most recent talks were willing to
> do to promote free access, I asked in a questionnaire if they would--
> (3) post their old articles on their home pages without permissions from
> copyright-holding publishers?
> [80% would]

Interesting that 80% said that they will break the law. Is ignorance of the
law or something else behind this?
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