Re: Open Archiving: What are researchers willing to do?

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> At 10:18 AM 11/18/99 -0600, sterling stoudenmire wrote:
> >it seems to me any law which seeks to prohibit or gatekeep publication of
> >any finding that has been discovered from research paid for by a
> >or contributed under a tax break, or which is subject to a research and
> >development tax break, or other tax break, or which is conducted on a
> >government or other tax advantaged facility, should be held to be
> >unconstitutional.. and if not, then the constitution should be amended
> >accomodate open and free publication, republication and edistribution of
> >any and all such content no matter who wrote it, or when it was written
> >who might not like it..
Those who want to learn more about U.S. copyright law can find information
in non-legalese terms on various WEb sites, including the Librray of
Congress' Copyright Office at I hope we can
all agree that one should inform onself before taking an action that could
bring legal penalties. Keep in mind the expense of defending yourself in
court, even if you win.

The law is subject to change through Constitutionally protected avenues. If
you don't like the law, work to change it. It isn't all that hard. A
couple of friends and I changed a law of the state of Iowa while we were
still students.
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