Re: The True Cost of the Essentials (Implementing Peer Review)

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> I totally agree with the last point - but I wonder if high
> submission, high cost journals are the norm? I referee regularly for
> five or six journals and in all cases the papers for review come
> directly from the editor rather than from the publisher, so I suspect
> that for many journals (and, given a probable Bradford/Zipf
> distribution for submissions to journals, those with thousands of
> submissions must be a very small minority) it is the editor's
> institution that is bearing the cost rather than the publisher - so,
> once again, academia is subsidising the publisher and perhaps this,
> rather than the $300 a paper for the JHEP is the norm. The case of
> scientific societies is rather different, since they often make the
> journals available to their members at rates well below the
> commercial and the whole activity takes the form of scientific
> collaboration.
I've been an editor for a commercially-published journal, and I've held
offices, including Treasurer, in a scientific society that has a journal.
In both cases, the cost of the editor's office and his stipend were paid by
the publisher. That is the norm, as far as I know.

For very large journals, the position of editor may be full-time, salaried.
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