Re: ALPSP creates model Grant of Licence for journal articles

From: Ransdell, Joseph M. <ransdell_at_DOOR.NET>
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 11:03:59 -0600

Stevan et al:

The ALPSP policy is not quite so progressive as it might seem at first
if we note that it has an Achilles Heel -- you'll forgive the metaphor,
I hope -- relative to the goal of unrestricted public access.

To wit: Since posting to a public server is left optional, the ALPSP is
taking no position on that possibility. Hence the relevant "progresive"
clause -- if that is the word for it -- is "MOUNTED ON YOUR OWN OR YOUR
INSTITUTION'S WEBSITE". This is okay PROVIDED the institution's website
is available extra-murally, whieh the part of it hosting publications
may not be; and/or PROVIDED that the author's website is public and the
author has not compromised his or her copyright by "sharing" it with his
or her institution, which might not agree to posting the paper to the
public website.

The ALPSP is shifting the policy burden to the institutions and their
future policies concerning "sharing" copyright with them, and such
policies as they adopt once they have acquired their "share". This
should surely be duly noted, particularly since these institutions
include commercial ones as well as universities and colleges.

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