Re: Peer Review Reform Hypothesis-Testing

From: AndrewKenneth Fletcher <Gravity_at_BUN.COM>
Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2000 15:35:17 -0000

Hi Stevan Harnad

I have a real problem with the current Peer Review System. It is biased
towards in-house publications and outsiders are ignored.

I had an idea to set up a new newsgroup titled "Peer Review Sci" I am
certain that it would attract many professional contributors, who would
normally have been ignored by publishers and therefore provide independent
researchers with an unbiased review of their work.
It would also be a far better way to make sure that nothing false arrives in
print, because it would be an open peer review system and anyone
contributing either a paper or a review of a paper would be open to comment
from other reviewers. This would generate a tremendous amount of new science
and encourage the people with the ideas to come forward.

What say ye to this?

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